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CedarTree Worldwide provides international cultural exchange and preservation events/experiences centered through music to engage and educate diverse audiences interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures. In addition, CedarTree Worldwide is a presenter/facilitator of shows featuring international artists traveling to the Southeast of America on behalf of their respective country embassies for the purpose of exposure to American audiences.  

Your company or organization can experience our cultural exchange offerings by contacting us HERE 


CedarTree Worldwide is the managing overseer of two celebrated American culture artist offerings:  

  • America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton,  and 

  • “The Myrna Clayton Experience” (TMCE) ensemble. 


America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton, commissioned by the U.S. State Department as a U.S. Cultural Ambassador to represent American music abroad at U.S. Embassies worldwide, is a solo artist, band leader, speaker, teaching artist, master class leader, and engaging performer at national and international cultural arts events held in Theatres, Festivals, and Sacred Spaces in America and Abroad.  Alabama-born and Atlanta-raised, America’s Songbird has performed on 5 of the 7 continents. As a solo artist, Myrna has performed in France (2xs), Germany (3xs), Nigeria (2xs), Belarus (4xs), Russia (4xs in over 17 cities), Switzerland, and The Netherlands. She and her band, "The Myrna Clayton Experience", are commissioned by the U.S. State Dept. to represent American music abroad at U.S. Embassies worldwide. They have now performed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova (Eastern Europe), Namibia (Southwest Africa), and Guatemala (Central America) to foster cultural exchange.

The ensemble, The Myrna Clayton Experience (TMCE), performs nationally and internationally to promote cultural exchange/exposure to citizens of respective international nations around the world, including America. TMCE performs multiple forms of American music including Jazz, Pop, Blues, Gospel, and Soul.  Led by Myrna Clayton, the ensemble comprises top musicians skilled in their instrument craft as well as related music industry skills such as studio engineering, sound engineering, instrument instruction, vocal coaching, workshop leadership, and creative off-grid performances. TMCE are commissioned by the U.S. State Dept. to represent American music abroad at U.S. Embassies worldwide. They have now performed in Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova), Southwest Africa (Namibia), and Central America (Guatemala) to foster cultural exchange.

In addition American culture artist offerings, CedarTree Worldwide currently offers three (3)  “Culture Curiosity™”  events featuring international artists (based in the Southeast region of the U.S. or traveling to America) for the purpose of cultural exchange, cultural preservation, valuing of differences, discovering of similarities, and diversity: 1) Atlanta’s International Jazz Day, 2) ATL Jazz International Artists Series (AJIAS), and 3) SIMCE’ (Southeast International Music Culture Experience)

Atlanta’s International Jazz Day (IJD)

On April 30, 2023, CedarTree Worldwide, celebrated it’s 6th Annual IJD with the rest of the world at Plaza Fiesta on Buford Hwy in Atlanta/Brookhaven, GA. The event marked our first celebration of American Jazz cultural exchange inside America targeting international Atlanta residents from predominantly Spanish-speaking countries.  International Jazz Day is a United Nations-sanctioned event held in collaboration with the globally renown Herbie Hancock Institute.  The event happens annual on April 30th around the world for the purpose of utilizing Jazz – America’s Freedom music – as a progenitor of peace.

ATL Jazz International Artists Series (AJIAS)

AJIAS is the first-of-its-kind monthly music event promoting international cultural exchange and preservation event in America featuring international performing artists based in Georgia. Pre-Pandemic, AJIAS successfully featured international artists from 11 different countries: Barbados, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Panama, and Turkey.  Plans are to resume monthly cultural exchange shows post Pandemic in Spring 2024.  The event will expand its offering to facilitate welcoming international artists from locations outside of Georgia and international artists traveling to America from other countries.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Southeast International Music Culture Experience (SIMCE’)

SIMCE’ is an annual music cultural experience held on May 1st - May Day, for the purpose of facilitating valuing of all international cultures, including American culture inside of the Southeastern region of the United States. Many international persons are residing and working in the Southeast but very little cross pollination of international culture is being experienced for American born citizens.  SIMCE’s pilot event was tested virtually on May 1, 2022, featuring America’s Songbird Myrna Clayton.  Plans for a Spring 2024 launch are underway. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

For bookings or inquiries, click HERE

What is Culture Curiosity™? 
Culture Curiosity™ events are music-centered programs created and hosted by CedarTree Worldwide for the purpose of cultural exchange, cultural preservation, valuing of differences, and discovering of similarities. People of all expressions of diversity and abilities are welcome.  The intent of the vents are to honor our oneness as human beings and have a space for peaceful co-existence for people of all ages in support of peace and diplomacy.  

Music has always been on the leading edge of social change: social uplift and positive change. The positive impact of the experiences will extend far beyond the individuals reaching in to their families and through to the broader community. CedarTree Worldwide’s programming is designed to facilitate connections that reveal synergies and similarities while preserving the value and distinct uniqueness of each culture…inside and outside of Southeast America. With music at the center, any singular or variety of cultural flavoring can be added: food, fine art, education, ecology, environmental, economics, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

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