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Mission / Vision
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"To utilize music as a platform to honor the oneness of humanity and to inform, engage, and educate diverse audiences interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures so as value differences, celebrate similarities and embrace audacity leading a peace-centered dignity."


"Our vision is the audacity of a U.S. Ministry/Department of Culture and global valuing of diverse cultures to promote cultural exchange and understanding, elevating the value of diverse perspectives within the United States and sharing American culture globally.  CedarTree Worldwide aims to play a leading role in advocating for the establishment of a federal department dedicated to promoting and preserving culture within America.  Through our actions, we strive to create a more inclusive and enriched society domestically and internationally. We seek to bring valued attention to international cultures within the contiguous United States and to expose other nations to the varied and diverse talent from the U.S.A."

What We Do

CedarTree Worldwide is a Social Enterprise Business that is developing a dynamic reputation for performance excellence and audience delight throughout all levels of diplomacy and within local communities.  Our programming is designed to facilitate connections that reveal synergies and similarities between individuals while preserving the value and distinct uniqueness of each culture…inside and outside of Southeast America.

Founded by U.S. Cultural Ambassador, Myrna Clayton, commissioned by the U.S. State Department to represent American Culture and Music at U.S. Embassies around the world via the American Music Abroad program and Arts Envoy program, CedarTree Worldwide team members have witnessed and experienced firsthand the benefits of cultural exchange and its positive impact of the lives of individuals as well as their extended families and communities. Since 2013, CedarTree


This reminds me of how much I enjoyed Brazil”

Worldwide has impacted citizens across 5 of the 7 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.  In addition, to positive energy being spread abroad, international cultural exchange inside of America’s Southeast has been shared via representation from Barbados, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, and Turkey. 

What We Do

CedarTree Worldwide wants to be the “sought after”, “go-to” company of choice for cultural exchange in support of peace and diplomacy worldwide.  Music has always been on the leading edge of social change: social uplift, and positive change.  We realize that while Atlanta has an excellent international airport and the Southeastern U.S. boasts of numerous international companies with more and more international persons residing and working in the region, there is very little cross pollination of international culture is being experienced for American born citizens or intercultural exchange being shared between diverse international communities living and working in the Southeast.

CedarTree Worldwide programming is designed to facilitate connections that reveal synergies and similarities between individuals while preserving the value and distinct uniqueness of each culture…inside and outside of Southeast America. 

“This makes me want to bring my co-workers to experience my native culture”

Our focus is the individual and our multidisciplinary performing arts programs are centered in music.  With music at the center, we believe any other singular or variety of cultural flavoring can be added: food, fine art, education, ecology, environmental, economics, etc.  The possibilities are endless. The musical can components including concerts (virtual and in person), music master classes, jam sessions with area musicians, artist development and master classes, residencies, tours, speaking engagements, music appreciation, civic workshops, and talent showcases. We call these  infusions “Culture Curiosity™” events

Our three (3) in-house “Culture Curiosity™” event services are: 1) Atlanta’s International Jazz Day, 2) “Atlanta Jazz International Artist Series” (AJIAS - set to resume Spring 2024 post Pandemic) and 3) Southeast International Music Culture Experience (SIMCE – launching Spring 2024). 

CedarTree Worldwide is also available to present/facilitate shows featuring international artists traveling to America on behalf of their international country embassies seeking exposure to American audiences.

The types of organizations we’ve worked with include U.S. State Dept, AmVoices, Global Atlanta, UNESCO, Herbie Hancock Institute, Plaza Fiesta, SCLC, City Winery, St. James Live, Rialto Theatre, SouthArts, Georgia Council for the Arts, City of Atlanta Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Fulton County Arts & Culture (Georgia), Omega Psi Phi, Inc. Talent Hunt, Impact Church, First Congregational Church, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Gulf Coast Ethnic & Heritage Festival, Advocacy for America,  Spelman College, and SHOWAbility. 

“I’ve always wanted to visit Japan”



  • Developing solid partnerships with government embassies (U.S. and foreign), independent cultural organizations/festivals, and corporate sponsors, especially international corporations, sports agencies,

  • Hosting successful “Culture Curiosity™” events that attract diverse audiences, especially those with passports

  • Effectively promoting our brand and mission through marketing campaigns

  • Continually seeking new opportunities to showcase international artists and cultural performances in Georgia and the Southeast – cradling it through the charm of southern hospitality.

  • Maintaining a solid financial foundation to support our goals and growth.

  • Being adaptable and receptive to feedback to continually improve our methods and impact (virtual and in person).

  • Valuing Differences, Celebrating Similarities, and Honoring the Oneness of individual human beings.

Keys to Success

The Significance of The Name

Cedar trees are “evergreen”.  
They also help to preserve one’s valuables, smell delightful and fresh, are one of the strongest, quality wood types known to mankind, and grow so tall and stately that they can be seen and recognized from miles around.  These characteristics speak to the core elements of this organization.

Worldwide is the reach and territory of the organization.  
The intent is to connect all peoples through music’s universal realm, but have it cradled through the charm of southern hospitality. 

Trees and Mountains
Signifcance of the Name
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